(Release) Yuru Yuri Chapter 99 [Comic YURI-HIME 2015.5]

This is special agent Akane, reporting from Bakkin Orbital Command. Ever since the apparent abduction of Director of Central Intelligence Ayano at the hands of martians in the summer of ’82, the Bakkin Department of Intelligence has been thrown into disarray. Ayano’s leadership was integral to its operation. As rumors proliferated concerning the murky circumstances of this event, Bakkin agents were scattered throughout the globe, forced into hiding and cut off from central command networks. It was a dark time. 

But now, decades later, former members of the Old Order have managed to rendezvous and reorganize, and a New Order is beginning to form from the ashes. Former members of Bakkin all around the planet are responding to the rally call, re-establishing communications networks that had laid dormant for years. This is the beginning of a new era: the Bakkin Department of Intelligence is being reborn in what will go down in history as the fifteenth time ever in Bakkin history.

But that’s not important, since the Bakkin Department of Intelligence doesn’t scanlate Yuru Yuri anyway. They mainly just make donut runs for us at Bakkin Translations. Anyway, we’re back from Vegas now, so we can get back to work again. I found this fully translated and typeset chapter behind the sofa the other day, so I thought hey, maybe I’d share it or something. Wait a minute, where’s Ayano?



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