What's the deal with the chapter gap in the middle?

When Bakkin started in 2012, the two initial Yuru Yuri anime seasons already covered most of the chapters in volumes 1 through 7. An as such, it was decided back then that getting new content out to fans was more important and so Bakkin started with volume 8 forward, and work on the earlier chapters when we caught up with all the new chapters from the tankoubon and YuriHime. You can read more about the original rationale here. The list of chapters adapted by the first 2 seasons and the first OVA can be seen here.

We're closing that gap, though, with only roughly half of volume 5 left!

What chapter gap? 😛

Where did Bonus Track 5 go? And why are there two Bonus Track 9?

If you read our releases, you will see that we had Bonus Track 1, 2, 3, and 4, then suddenly Bonus Track 6 and 7 in vol.3, 8, and 9 in vol.5. Then Bonus Track 9 appeared again in vol.8.

This is because originally in volume 1, there was a chapter 8.5, then volume 2 followed with Bonus Track 3 and 4 and so on. For some reason, that chapter 8.5 was renamed to "Bonus Track 3" in the second edition of the volume, and thus all the Bonus Tracks after that got bumped up by one in the re-release edition.

Bakkin translated Yuru Yuri in a weird order (see the first question), starting with volumes 6-7-8, then 1-2, then 9-10-11-..., then 3-4-5. When we did volumes 6-7-8 and 1-2, we went off the original release, since that was all there was. When we finally gor around to volumes 3-4-5, the re-release was all Dory could obtain at the time at a reasonable price, and we also did not know about the renumbering back then. Thus, volume 3 & 5 followed the new Bonus Track numbering and the rest didn't.

Thankfully, Namori stopped with all the Bonus Tracks, Intermissions, and Specials in the later volumes.

Are you looking for translator/cleaner/typesetter/copy editor?

We always welcome more blood sacrifices help! While we do have quite a strict level of standard, there are guides that we follow to improve our cleaning and typesetting (sorry, you'll have to get your Japanese and English skills from elsewhere). All we really need is an open mind, willingness to work with others, and love for all things Yuru Yuri. If you're interested, talk to one of us on Discord. We don't bite!

Are you doing Touzainanboku! ?

Yes. I know there was an initial chapter already out, but we're planning to re-do that chapter as well as any future chapter.

The quality will be lower than what you're used to, since the only source right now is Kindle capture, but we also plan on re-typesetting once the tankoubon comes out.

How do you guys scanslate anyway?

  • First we buy the manga
  • We then rip it apart. There should be many manga debinding tutorials on the internet. Dory uses the ironing board method.
  • Then we scan the pages. For normal pages, Dory scans at 600dpi grayscale on a Canon 9000F mkII to lossless PNG.
  • Then we make the page look as if it was a digital copy and not something from a scanner, a process called cleaning. We wrote a post about that. We also have some automation to help with that (here and here).
  • Any artwork obscured by text and sound effects will need to be redrawn. Here's our tutorial post for that.
  • In the meantime, our translator will labor over which words to use for each line of text.
  • Then our typesetters will put the words onto the cleaned pages.
  • Then we go through a painful review process where every pixel is questioned, every word choice is scrutinized, and every text bubble moved left a little.
  • Then we upload it to our reader, make a post here, request Dynasty upload, and maybe upload on Mangadex.

Who is the best YRYR girl?