(Release) Yuru Yuri Chapter 101 [Comic YURI-HIME 2015.5]

There is a fellow in Germany who did an extensive analysis on the automorphism of Yuru Yuri’s Relationship Graph. In his analysis, he revealed several important properties of Yuru Yuri’s RG; evidence of Yui being the Central Character is one such conclusion (albeit we still do not have a proof, due to the nature of the graph).

While this work is undoubtedly of great contribution to the Algebraic Shipping theorist community, we have doubts about certain assumptions made in the paper. The most important of which is the assumption that the graph is known and complete. As we will show you in this coming chapter 101, at any point in time until Namori ends the series, the Yuru Yuri RG is incomplete. Previously unknown vertex Azuma and the edge between Azuma and Nishigaki were not revealed (or not apparent) earlier, yet they certainly existed long ago chronologically, as evidenced by the two teacher’s canon highschool backstory. This (previously unknown) piece of information changed the nature of the transposition of Nishigaki and Rise, and thus the automorphism of this group.

For more details of this study, please refer to the chapter, which we have translated into English for your convenience.

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