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There is no Oomuro-ke 37. Just me being stupid. Gonna stop posting things past midnight.

Guess what, there’s a chapter of Oomuro-ke collecting dust away in a corner of our Trello board, waiting for Ayano to make a final read over and post. Since we don’t know when he’s going to be back, I’ll just do that for him. So here we are, Oomuro-ke, anniversary edition. Enjoy!

This is also the last chapter of Volume 2. We had several low-res chapters, but for the last year we have been waiting for Volume 3 to come out so that we have better raws. Guess what: it never came out. Thus there is no Oomuro-ke in the pipeline right now, so you all will have to live with just Yuru Yuri for a little while longer.

On a brighter note, we have a new cleaner; welcome Kress! Kress is a real workhorse; he cleans chapters faster than a Roomba on Nitro. Just look at the status panel to the right and you’ll see.

Hanako is cute.

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Guess who?
Guess who?

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