(Release) Yuru Yuri 112 [tankoubon vol.15] – And an announcement!

It doesn’t look like Ayano is gonna be back any time soon, so we may as well get comfortable in our new home. Bookmark bakkin.moe!

(Guess this wasn’t much of an announcement, since you guys are already here. People with RSS readers and people using WordPress.com will have to update their links, though.)

To commemorate the occasion, we have a release! *fanfare*

Chapter 112

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We had a lot of things going on in the last couple of weeks. First off, I convinced myself to do some work, so with Bob‘s help, we got chapter 112 out before a month since last release! That’s pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.

Alex shipped me his March 2017 Yurihime Magazine that he brought back from Japan, which (surprise surprise) had a new volume of Oomuro-ke bundled with it! If you still remember, the reason why we stopped putting out OMRK was to wait for Volume 3 to come out, which we believed would have much better image quality than screencap’ing the online version. We waited and waited and waited and Ayano gave up on waiting and the rest continued to wait and wait, and here we are, finally with a new volume in our hand which, alas, is still not a “Volume 3”. But still, watch for an OMRK release very soon!

Kamenka showed me the Madokami archive of Yuru Yuri, and how sad it looked. I was about to tell him “psh, let me fix that real quick”, but then I realized that our archive is not much better. In fact, we don’t even have a download archive besides the Mega folder! Thus, I set off on a quest to fill in all the missing Yuru Yuri pieces, starting from what we know we have in here. We do have a rather large backlog of those, so if you wanna help completing YRYR volume batches, let us know.

tabv suggested we have an IRC channel, so if any of you is interested, join us on #Bakkin @Rizon.


P.S. Kamenka noted that “bakkin.moe” doesn’t really do this occasion justice, and we all agree, so we’re actually also known as bakkin.business, because, you know, we’re back in business.

(Don’t bookmark this, though, because it’s unlikely that we’ll maintain it past the promotion period. Use bakkin.moe).


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