Status update – 2018 edition + (Release) Yuru Yuri Mini Fanbook 2 – Teachers [tankoubon vol. 14] + Volume 14 bundle

Sometimes people wonder what we have been doing at Bakkin; sometimes we would have 2 releases in a week, sometimes we would stay silent for half a year. What is Bakkin up to? Are they slacking off? Have they been sleeping all day? Is Bakkin really run by a bunch of cats? Those certainly are pertinent questions that deserve answers. This post is to address those valid concerns our readers may have.

But first off, let me assure you that we have not been playing Terraria, nor have we been catching up on our anime backlogs, and we definitely have not been going to Las Vegas drinking and playing pool.

One way or another, I have gotten my paws on volume 16.

Strange ship, you say?

The cover of volume 16 sure is interesting. A quick Google search of Chinatsu x Sakurako shows nothing of interest, but the more we thought about it, the more we agreed that there should be no reason this pairing wouldn’t work.

…think again.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have already de-bound my copy, ready for scanning. This volume has several interesting chapters, so stay tuned! That said, we have only released half of volume 15, so don’t hold your breath on this yet, although you should be seeing 114 and 115 soon.

If you haven’t already, here is where you can order it. Mine arrived, from Japan, before the official release date. Amazon is amazing.

In other news, we are welcoming another translator, Ditch, who will be lending his help and work with tabv on Volume 3, 4, and 5. They came from the same group and I know that their work is top-notch.

Ditch is a translator working primarily on the older Yuru Yuri chapters. As a socially anxious NEET hikki he is not particularly well-suited to writing about himself, but he enjoys obsessing over grammar and turning Japanese words into English ones.

And with Ditch’s help, we have already gotten the first volume bundle out in a long while!

Remember when I asked if you guys wanted a volume 14 bundle, and you said “yes”? What, you don’t remember? It’s been almost 2 years? Nah, that was probably time dilation at work.

Anyway, this is the first volume we completed after Ayano was gone. Hope you guys will enjoy a re-read as much as we did. There are quite a bit of extra content in there, too.


Grab it from Mega. / Or maybe you only want the extras

Speaking of extra content, the tankoubon volume 14 included a color booklet about our beloved Nanamorichu teachers, which we have also translated here.

“When will she be in the mood?”

Download / Read online

Take a look, have fun, and Happy Year of the Dog!

By the way, if you are a seasoned editor who is not afraid of SFX’es, or a translator who is absolutely in love with Namori and want to work on Oomuro-ke or Yuru Yuri, please let us know; we welcome any help with can get. Bakkin is more than a volume behind Namori and I’m afraid the gap is only increasing, given how uncompromising all of us are with regard to quality. Namori, why do you work so hard? Slow down!

Plus, Bakkin has a completely safe, friendly, and professional work environment.

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