(Release) Yuru Yuri Chapter 114 [tankoubon vol.15]

It’s Valentine’s day! For all of you who are hanging out with your special someone, happy Valentine’s day, and have fun! For those others who aren’t, worry not, we have a present for you.

…What? I-it’s not like we’re doing it for you, ok? Don’t get the wrong idea! We only have the chapter finished sitting in our QC pile, alright?


Let me sing you a love song.

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No love story this time, unfortunately, but the next chapter will fix that.

Also, Happy new year! In a lot of places, people drink quite a bit during the week-long celebration. I sure hope Akari isn’t.

You guys found a bunch of mistakes in our previous release. How embarrassing. We’ll be doing a v2 soon to fix ’em. We promise that if come help us QC our chapters, it won’t happen again, probably.



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