(Release) Furutani-ke Chapter 1

UPDATE: v2 uploaded to fix typo.

Unfortunately, the Oomuro-ke chapter we put out yesterday will be the last. After studying ethics and long deliberations, Bakkin have concluded that the Oomuro family does not make a good impression of acceptable family morals, especially for our younger readers. I think we can all agree that Nadeshiko is suspected of dating several girls at once, and Sakurako is simply pretty annoying. Thus, we have decided to drop Oomuro-ke from our releases. Past chapters are still available on our online reader.

But worry not! As we have found the perfect replacement for that series. In stark contrast to the Oomuros, the Furutani family is fun, functional, and we think will serve as a good role model family. Besides, it has Kaede on almost every single page, and since Kaede is the best girl™, this is not something we can ignore.

Kaede best girl

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Everyone in Bakkin is very enthusiastically working on this new series, and expect next chapters coming very soon!


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