(Release) (for real this time) Yuru Yuri chapter 116 & Furutani-ke

So I guess that’s it for April’s Fools pranks. I guess we angered certain people with the release of chapter 116 in Thelesis. This, as many have pointed out, was inspired by the writing system in Violet Evergarden, which was basically Latin alphabets but with alternative glyphs. Dory was a fan of this show, and have spent a little bit of time mapping this alphabet. Apparently, he was not the only one doing it, as this guy has even made a font out of it, which was extremely cool. Although, we confirmed that if this is indeed the lettering, then the language can’t be German (and we’re sure it’s not English either). Here’s the map.

As a typesetter, Dory thinks that it is pretty cool that the chapter didn’t look THAT bad even though only one single font was used throughout.

Anyway, back to English:

Less science needed this time.

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Dory intended for chapter 116 to be a diversion, as the main, cruel prank was supposed to be Furutani-ke. In hindsight, maybe that wasn’t really needed, as it seems like quite a bit of people believed that Furutani-ke was going to be a thing. For those who called us out, yeah, we’re not dropping Oomuro-ke (but maybe Namori did; we don’t know; there hasn’t been much updates lately). Unfortunately, it means that there won’t be many more Furutani-ke in the future either. What you are seeing is Oomuro-ke Volume 2’s special booklet, which consists of 3 chapters, of which you have seen the first two. You can view all of them below. Technically, I think Kaede is already the Oomuro sister-in-law.

To everyone who played along with us – Thank you!

Do you guys want a volume bundle for OMRK v2? We can probably tidy things up, translate the covers and afterwords, and will package a OMRK volume 2 bundle some time later this week.

Kaede is so awesome.

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Don’t we all wish for something like this to happen for real?


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