Yuru Yuri volume 9, 12, 13, and Oomuro-ke volume 2 bundles, and Mirakurun

As promised, here are some of the volume bundles, thanks to the relentless effort of Ditch and Aya. These include all the tidbits that Namori put in, including the covers, afterwords, character bios, cover 4-koma, awesome feedback cards, and more. Look closely enough, and you will also find an omake chapter staring our favorite domestic abuser, Mirakurun! (If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.)

Find them in our Batches page as well as the online reader! Our library is looking much better now.

If you’re planning to do a re-read of those volumes, now’s the time, since we have also updated all the chapters with the Special Edition’s translated chapter endcards.

Which brings me to our second point: We have totally revamped Bakkin Reader, in case you haven’t noticed. The old one was put together hastily by Dory to replace the ailing reader hosted on azyth‘s computer. It was designed to look and behave pretty much the same way as the old one, and the scrolling is getting a little out of control. It was also Dory’s first PHP program, so code readability is a little thin. So last month, Dory decided to give it a rewrite. It should be much faster and more navigable now.

I heard that some people are missing the chapter icons. Dory is thinking about it to see how we can put them back without them taking up too much screen real estate.

Also, the source code is available on Github, in case someone want to use it for their own purposes.

On a different note, we have a new editor, Naabii! He is truly a cleaning powerhouse. Expect more releases coming soon! In fact, we have a bunch already in QC, just waiting for the stars to align before we can put them out.

Yuko also joined us as a typesetter and a trainee cleaner. Yay!

Naabii is our cleaner
When life give you lemon, make green lemonade!
Yuko loves to typeset.



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