(Release) Ayano-chan’s Friend [tankoubon vol.15] + Volume 15 bundle

As promised, here is the Ayano booklet with a childhood crush.

Conspiracy theory: that bird reincarnated as Chitose

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And with that, volume 15 is now truly complete!

Besides small grammar/typo corrections, this bundle also added the intro comic, cover comic, afterword, Namori tidbits, character bios, blushing-Chitose-in-Ayano’s-glove in color, and a really shiny spread!


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Trivia: Akari had not appeared on the cover since volume 12, despite appearing on all covers before that.

I believe this is the first complete volume we did here at Bakkin since Ayano has gone (although volume 14 came close). Thanks to Akane, Aya, Alex, Kamenka, Kress, Bobdat, tabv, Ditch, and Naabii, who made this possible.

And thank The Goddess Namori for bringing us Yuru Yuri!

Talking about spreads…
Sparkle sparkle

There are books that are really hard to scan right, and then there is Yuru Yuri volume 15. I mean, look at all these… things! So although Bakkin tried our best to bring you this volume in English, you should really still go and buy the original one, just to admire all the shinies sparklies, if anything. Amazon JP does have an English interface, and they do ship books worldwide, and their shipping is f-a-s-t.



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