(Release) Yuru Yuri Chapter 120 [tankoubon vol.16]

And thus ChitoAya got another supporter.

This chapter is truly a trip down the memory lane, which is coincidentally fitting, as we’re nearing YRYR’s 10ᵗʰ anniversary. I thought of pointing out all the references (there are at least 4), but then I feel like you guys would probably have a lot more fun figuring them all out yourselves (the ones we found are all in the chapters that Bakkin translated). Shoot me an email if you can’t figure it out :).

So here it is, have fun and keep on Yuru’ing.

What is love?

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We had quite a bit of discussion on the pun at the end of the chapter, with opinions split on whether to try and translate it or not. Gosh, why is translating so hard?

On the other hand, there’s another Ayano pun, of which one is the namesake of this group, which we haven’t seen in a while.

Naabii: “apparently there is a cameo of me in this chapter, can you spot it?”


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