(Release) (a bunch of things) + Happy 10th Anniversary!

10 years ago, in the 1-year anniversary issue of Comic Yuri Hime S, which is issue August 2008, Yuru Yuri had its first publication, to little fanfare. Now, 10 years later, we have 16 volumes, a spin-off series, 3 anime seasons, and multiple OVA’s. Happy Yuru Yuri’s 10ᵗʰ Anniversary!

By this point, the news that we’re having a new Yuru Yuri OVA to celebrate the anniversary should already reached a lot of people, but if you have not heard of it, you should definitely check it out. There’s even a commercial for it on YouTube. Bakkin’s translator Akane will be partnering with Lazy Lily to sub this OVA. Look forward to it!

Namori also released a commemorative daily calendar for the occasion, containing highlights from the past manga chapters as well as quips and commentary from Namori. Go grab it if you haven’t. Seeing how the Bakkin site is missing a calendar widget, Bakkin will also be translating this calendar and will be posting it one page every day on the sidebar of the page as Dory tear the pages off his copy, so check back every day!

Go go go!

Old pages will also be archived on our reader.

(Check here if you’re wondering where the cover illustration comes from, which, I must say, is very fitting for the characters involved.)

Back to the main topic: Oomuro-ke 7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19 re-release.

Oomuro-ke started out as a webcomic on Nico Nico Yuri Hime. At that time, Bakkin was still a young scanlation group with a lot of translation to do, plus the resolution of the webcomic was horrible, so Oomuro-ke didn’t really get the love it deserved. The result was quite a bit of mistranslations, missed translations, and misplaced translations (!), and the image resolution was so low that the screentones all but mashed together into a jumbled, moiré-ridden mess. When the tankoubon came out, we decided that we really should go back and re-do all the chapters with higher quality translation and editing. Ayano were working on those for a while and finished re-translating chapter 7 before he disappeared, and that work was put on hold.

Until now. Transparency-kun came back from the dead with several hi-res chapters already cleaned, and then Ditch and Dory went ahead, re-translated, and typeset the rest of volume 1, which consists of chapters 7 to 19. If you have not read the earlier chapters of OMRK, or have not re-read them recently, now is the time :). With all the recent development, we’re pretty confident in #teamMiho.

Volume 01

Check them out in our online reader or download the bundle from our Batches page.

“So,” you may ask, “have Bakkin been only working on old chapters lately?”

Fear not! As we have found Hanako’s diary, we decided that it should be translated so that you all can get a glimpse into the life of our beloved future Oomuro final boss.


Download / Read online

That should complete our translation of all Oomuro-ke content that was ever in print. Enjoy!

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