(Release) The Amusement Club and Their Teachers [tankoubon vol.16] + Volume 16 bundle

Aaaaand as promised, here’s the bundle for volume 16, along with its cover and character bios, afterword and extra comic, and most importantly…

(TADAA) The second booklet about the teachers!

Back by popular demand

Download / Read online

Warning: NSFW, especially with Nana undressing Akari and getting her all wet, hot and bothered…

We also made a couple of small fixes to the chapter, like fixing typos on chapter 120 and typsesetting the cups and snacks in chapter 123. Grab the full bundle from here, or from the Batches page, which is now looking increasingly complete.

That’s it for volume 16 folks. Namori is taking a little break from YRYR, with no new chapter for 3 months. As you may have already known, she’s working on the art for the new anime coming out this Fall – Release the Spyce, so volume 17 may take a little longer; we’ll keep you posted when we know more.

But worry not, Bakkin is not taking any break, as we still have volume 3, 4 and 5 to do, and we are working hard on ’em.



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