(Release) Yuru Yuri chapter 28 & 29 [vol.3]

Here, have a rare double magical girl releases.

Mahou Shoujo Sakurako

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Mahou Shoujo Mirakurun (fake)

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If you have not watched the anime, chapter 28 has the snake that Sakurako mentioned in chapter 113, and chapter 29 is where the reference in chapter 102 was from.

It was no coincident that we released chapter 29 on July 21, as it’s where the calendar page for today was from.

While Bakkin is catching up, Yuri Hime has announced a sad news that Namori’s Yuru Yuri hiatus is now indefinite. While this was kind of expected, with Namori burning out from doing 2 YRYR volumes a year, drawing a new artbook, and working as the main character designer for Release The Spyce, it still caused massive grief.

(Bakkin does not condone murders, especially by lolis)

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