(Release) Yuru Yuri Bonus Track 0 [vol.3] + Volume 3 bundle

To add to the confusion, here is the full-color Bonus Track 0, which sits between Bonus Track 4 and Bonus Track 6!


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As such, volume 3 bundle is now ready. Go grab it from the Batches page! There is a never-before-seen backstory on why Chinatsu was such a bully.

Volume 03, re-release edition.

Speaking of Bonus Tracks, we were hoping no one would notice the fact that there was no Bonus Track 5. Alas, no such luck.

When Yuru Yuri was first released:

When Dory was looking for the tanks of volume 3-4-5 to scan, the original versions were almost 10 years old, hard to find, and the ones that could have been shipped to the US were expensive. Being naive as he is, he bought the re-release edition copies. It did not occur to anyone much later, when we were already typesetting the final chapters of Volume 3, that we realized that:

  • Extra chapter 8.5 got renamed to “Bonus Track 3”
  • BT3 and BT4 became BT4 and BT5
  • BT5 and BT6 became BT6 and BT7 as you see now.
  • BT7 and BT8 became BT8 and BT9 (and, since Bakkin decided to scanlate the original version of vol5 instead of the lower-quality re-release, you guys will see another BT7)
  • We have no idea what BT9 and BT10 have become, as I don’t have the re-release edition of volumes 7-9

I suggest anyone building Yuru Yuri English collection from Bakkin to rename their BT6 and BT7 to BT5 and BT6 respectively. Such a mess. Oh well.


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