Status Update – 2019 Edition + (Release) Yuru Yuri chapter 41 [vol.4]

Whew, what a year 2018 was. Happy 2019!

If you’re not already following Namori on Twitter, you need to make that your 2019 resolution.

Looking back, it was a pretty solid year overall for Bakkin. We got a new translator, a new cleaner, and a new QCer, caught up on the Yuru Yuri tankoubon and Yuri-Hime, caught up on Oomuro-ke tankoubon, finished all the missing extras, fleshed up our library, finished volume 3, and even managed to get most of volume 4 out. Dory also managed to modernize our online reader. We did adhere to our resolutions for 2018 after all! (sadly, Dory can’t say the same about his own.)


Not everything was rosy, however. 2018 was also the year when Yuru Yuri took a long break. I’m sure all of you, like us, are worried about the long hiatus. However, Namori had been drawing YRYR for the last 10 years (!); it’s time for her to catch a break. Oh, and go watch Release the Spyce.

Bakkin also dropped the daily calendar after a 3-month run. I guess “sticking to schedule” just isn’t gonna be on our résumé.

So where does that leave us?

Except for the volume booklet, which we did not even know about its existence until recently, due to the fact that it got released along with the special edition with Namori’s autograph (yikes!), the rest of Volume 4 was already typeset and is in our QC revisions, which take a while. Volume 5 was already scanned and is being translated by Ditch. This year we hope to close the gap completely, and maybe start working on the new Yuru Yuri chapters or the Pixiv version of Oomuro-ke, depending on if/when Namori resumes drawing Yuru Yuri.

After that, we do have a couple of artbooks that would be nice to get done. There is the massive, 12GB Yurunamori artbook that tabv already scanned. Then there is a long overdue re-release of Truth, which had been cleaned and is sitting on the queue forever (for good reasons – the book was too pretty to be accurately captured in a scan). We probably would just play it by ear after that. Maybe we will start doing some doujin (remember YuruZero, anyone?). The YRYR Anthology still needs to be translated (which Wertyll is slowly working on). The Happy Go Lucky shorts was translated and half-edited by Alex, but still need some video editor to work on the rest. And who knows what else is out there. Maybe Namori will decide to finish Reset! (haha…)

Speaking of which, except for the mainline Yuru Yuri and Oomuro-ke manga, if anyone is interested in helping us with any of the rest, or has some Yuru Yuri doujin they would like to see translated, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected].

Oh, and before I forgot… here’s the first release of 2019! (or the last of 2018, depending on which timezone you’re in)

This release is also special, in that it’s part of a story arc, continuing from chapter 40! It also have a lot of the girls sweating from doing a certain night time activity together…

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Download / Read online

Enjoy, and hope we have another great year!


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