About Bakkin

ayaya Aya Fawson: “Ayaya, Ayaya!”
kamenka Kamenka is here with us to help with typesetting. He keeps things cool and is glad to be part of a system that brings you Yuru Yuri.
“Remember kids, stay nonbiri.”
dorysuke Here is Dory, the handyman of Bakkin, who is also a Touhou fanatic. Learned to clean and typeset at the Voile Library, Dory strives to be the better editor. Even though Dory prefers to be referred to as a guy, sometimes people in Voile call him “Dory-nee-san”. Currently still studying how to rend reality, break synapses, and vanishment this world.
akane Akaza Akane, our translator, chose that handle despite the complications it raises about the grammatical gender to be used in third-person self-introductions such as this one. He does this because he relates with Akane.
“I’m Akane.”
alex Alex Meanberg enjoys web design, programming, cleaning, and cute anime! Some of his favorites are: K-On, Toradora, Oreimo, and of course, Yuru Yuri!
Bob is a salaryman working in an office, whose hobbies include watching the clock and going home on time.
tabv is a casual editor working on the older Yuru Yuri volumes. He does hidden things and drawing jobs for no-name bit actors at his own group which he cannot possibly plug in a place like this.
“Haa~ \o/”
Ditch is a translator working primarily on the older Yuru Yuri chapters. As a socially anxious NEET hikki he is not particularly well-suited to writing about himself, but he enjoys obsessing over grammar and turning Japanese words into English ones.

Past and inactive Bakkin members

haber Haber is one of Bakkin’s cleaners. Enjoys fighting games and relaxing slice of life anime. Perpetually sleepy.
yamkek YamKek: “Everything is daijoubu.”
kress Kress: “We’re all memes now”

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