Where are volumes 4 & 5?

Some time ago, when Bakkin first started, Yuruyuri♪♪ (the second season) was already underway. Because most of volumes 1 to 5 were adapted in the anime, Ayano and company decided to start out with volume 6 onward, and work on volumes 1 to 5 when we run out of new chapters to scanlate. This is so that we can always bring people new content that was not already seen in the anime.

See this link for the chapter map that Ayano made. The newer chapters’ status is outdated now, but the manga-to-anime mapping is still accurate.

For a while, that was what happened. Bakkin would translate all the newer chapters from the tankoubon and from Yuri-hime, then went back and work on the old volumes, and we did finish volumes 1 and 2, and halfway through volume 3. Then, as you all know, stuff happened, and we’re now way behind even on the tankoubon, so that work was put on hold.

We’re slowly moving to get those scanlated again. In fact, volume 3 is fully translated and is getting edited at the moment.

Are you guys looking for help?

We always want more high-quality translators. If you are one, shoot us an email at [email protected].

We have enough cleaners and typesetters at the moment; we will be posting whenever we need more.

Why is Bakkin reader’s image quality is lower than Dynasty’s?

We did compress the images in our reader a little to help with bandwidth (both ours and readers without fast internet); we don’t believe that they’re that much different for casual viewing. That said, if you want zero compromise on image quality, or want archival-quality chapters, you can download them from the “Download” links, or from the “Batches” page.

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