You may notice that our Bakkin homepage has a new interface. While the previous "minimalistic" website has been a favorite among Yuru Yuri fans, Dory have decided to just deploy a simple little flat-file CMS and migrate everything to a GCP VM instance. Hopefully this will make the website a little more stable and colorful.

And color is what's needed, because today we have the booklet that came with Yuru Yuri volume 17 Special edition, with a rare whole-page Akari in full color.

(Read online/Download)

With that, we are finally done with volume 17! You can find the bundle for the whole volume 17 to add to your collection, which includes the covers, extras, afterwords from the reader, or here.

The new CMS comes with RSS feeds, but note that the RSS URL has changed. If you have Bakkin bookmarked on your RSS reader, you may need to update it, since not all RSS clients handle HTTP redirects. The full RSS URL should already be populated on the front page's meta.

There is no comment functionality yetThere is comment functionality now! But you can still always talk to us on our Discord channel. There's also no search, no pagination, no tagcloud, or anything fancy like that yet, but we're building those. Come help?