Dory here. I got an email from Amazon JP saying that my preorder copy of Yuru Yuri volume 20 is arriving this Friday. That is two days from now tomorrow! Which means Bakkin has a real chance of catching up with the tankoubon for the first time in history. We cannot let this opportunity slip by. And thus, here is the last pieces of volume 19 for all of you to enjoy.

First is the booklet that came with volume 19. We have all kinds of ships fortunes going on in here between the yurus. Take a look!

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Then we have the very nice KyoAka cover, Namori's pandemic afterword with the backstory of chapter 150, and an extremely cute feedback card that I highly recommend everyone to fill in!

Finally, like usual, we packaged all of volume 19 into a bundle for all you YRYR collectors out there, as well as adding it to our library (for any of you who wants to download just the extras, here's the link.)

Unfortunately, this also concludes our daily release streak. We will be back to regular schedule starting from now which is probably once every other year.