Astute readers may have noticed that the booklet that accompanied volume 14, which showed a glimpse of the cardinal teachers' backstories, was called "Yuru Yuri Mini Fanbook 2". That was weird, because we have not seen a Yuru Yuri Mini Fanbook 1 anywhere. And so Dory went on a quest to find out what happened to that one, and it was wootamoot (a.k.a. vv) who found it on a pile of random internet raws he had. So here we are, presenting to you Volume 7's booklet, the first Yuru Yuri Mini Fanbook, which offered some interesting details about the yurus. There is also a Yuru Yuri trivia quiz, as well as a scene of Kyouko confessing to Yui. I'm sure it will be useful review material for anyone planning to attend the next YRYR-themed Jeopardy! show.

This booklet was made possible by Bakkin's new translator, 刀様, who is also working on a much more in-depth, detailed Yuru Yuri encyclopedia. Look forward to that one!

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