(Release) Yuru Yuri chapter 139


And what's better to celebrate a new website than by starting work on a new volume of Yuru Yuri?

Read on if you want to see a naked Kyouko covered in poop!

(Release) Yuru Yuri volume 17 booklet + volume 17 bundle

You may notice that our Bakkin homepage has a new interface. While the previous "minimalistic" website has been a favorite among Yuru Yuri fans, Dory have decided to just deploy a simple little flat-file CMS and migrate everything to a GCP VM instance. Hopefully this will make the website a little more stable and colorful.

And color is what's needed, because today we have the booklet that came with Yuru Yuri volume 17 Special edition, with a rare whole-page Akari in full color.

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