(Release) Yuru Yuri chapter 45

To give you an idea how much love we give each chapter of Yuru Yuri, just think about this one.

  • It started out as a tankoubon that Dory bought, debound, and scanned in November 2018.
  • Translation work started in January 2019.
  • First translation draft was uploaded in March 2019.
  • ...our server went kapewf along with the draft.
  • Second translation script was uploaded in November 2019.
  • Our then-newbie 『⨗』 spent 2 weeks messing around with curves and filters and GIMP and Photoshop just to get that digital-perfect look.
  • Dory then started putting English words into where the Japanese text was, in December 2019.
  • First typeset version was uploaded for review in January 2020. But we're not done yet.
  • 2020 just happened.
  • We had a big debate on what kind of sound effect we should put next to Yui because, y'know, 0.01% of you may notice a difference.
  • In August 2020, Lovelicot went through Dory's typeset work and anything more than a pixel off was sent back to the assem...

(Release) Touzainanboku! Chapter 1

And as promised, here's the first chapter of Touzainanboku!, where we follow the life of the four cardinal teachers when they were in highschool, which explains some of their current antics. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the hijinks!

This has been made possible by our newest typesetter, wootamoot, who joined Bakkin soon after he uploaded an early version on Mangadex. Welcome to the team!

Besides typesetting TZNB, wootamoot will also be working on the chapter gap, which we have been so eager to close for many years now.

The early TZNB chapter on Mangadex will be updated soon.

(Release) Yuru Yuri chapter 140

So it turns out not only HimaSaku are honest with themselves beneath the sheets. When was the last time we saw those two being comfortable together again?

(Release) Yuru Yuri chapter 139


And what's better to celebrate a new website than by starting work on a new volume of Yuru Yuri?

Read on if you want to see a naked Kyouko covered in poop!

(Release) Yuru Yuri volume 17 booklet + volume 17 bundle

You may notice that our Bakkin homepage has a new interface. While the previous "minimalistic" website has been a favorite among Yuru Yuri fans, Dory have decided to just deploy a simple little flat-file CMS and migrate everything to a GCP VM instance. Hopefully this will make the website a little more stable and colorful.

And color is what's needed, because today we have the booklet that came with Yuru Yuri volume 17 Special edition, with a rare whole-page Akari in full color.

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